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About us

Tervas Outdoor is a hiking and camping site with stories and tips for outdoor living. Our blog contains stories about us, nature and moving around in nature, as well as survival in the wild. The basic values of Tervas Outdoor include respecting and appreciating biodiversity in all its beauty. On our site you will find blog posts related to hiking and outdoor living. There are tips for all levels of outdoor activities, from basic beginners to challenging hiking destinations. Tervas Outdoor has its origins in the vast wilderness areas of the North, where the idea was born of helping hikers and providing information on a variety of destinations, from easier hiking trips to demanding wilderness travels. Welcome to visit our site!

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Jesse Kallio is a passionate wildlife enthusiast, and the years pass by with a variety of hobbies, yet nature and photography as the main focus.   There have been many hikes over the years, by canoeing, skiing and walking. Jesse made his first major hikes alone, mostly in northern Sweden. As a favorite destination, Jesse mentions Sarek National Park in northern Sweden and Vätsär Wilderness in the Finnish north, because of the challenge. Over the years, hiking experience has accumulated to such an extent that even more experienced hikers will certainly get something out of his blogs.

The Artist

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In addition to hiking and photography, Jesse is also a talented artist and all handicrafts are made with pride and great craftsmanship.

“I’ve always been skilled at my hands and all artistic making has been to my liking, from fine art to making various crafts,” says Jesse.

In recent years, pyrography and engraving have been close to the heart and several different jobs have been done with the woodburnibg tool and engraver in recent years. Now Tervas Outdoor’s customers have also been able to enjoy Jesse’s handprint in the form of carved knives and kuksa´s with pyrography.

kuksa nimellä

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Minilla Tikkakoski is a woman who spends her free time hiking and traveling in the wild, and has a wealth of experience ranging from hiking in the north to more forests in the south. Minilla’s weeks go hand in hand with hiking, mountain biking, snorkeling and climbing. As a result, Minilla has accumulated quite a lot of hobbies, and fostering these hobbies will always lead her to new adventures at the heart of nature. Minilla’s dreams include hiking in the wilderness of Lapland, admiring the Northern Lights by the campfire, and enriching the experience with each passing day. Minilla knows how you can make the most of every week and enjoy the beautiful Finnish nature all year round.

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Tervas Outdoor’s commercials, nature photos, product images and online content production are handled by Tervas Productions. Check out the services provided by Tervas Productions at

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