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The long holidays of Easter became utilized this time by hiking in nature, more specifically a few nights excursion under the tarp. Tarp is a multi-purpose shelter against the forces of nature, and especially a great accommodation in the spring when no mosquitoes are not disturbing sleep. Contrary to the weather report, the trip was hit by a very cold north wind, which forced me to seek the heat of the sleeping bag from time to time. A couple of days trip is really nice this time of the year, because you can already pack a fresh snack with you. On the first night, we cooked delicious food by the campfire, and got to enjoy it under the tarp while admiring the spectacular sunset.

We continued the next day with beans and bread, and it was really nice to get warm food to the stomach after a cold night. We changed campground the next night, and for that we found a really nice place with Minilla. During the day we made dried food with a camping stove. Towards the evening, the wind also started to ease a bit, and we got to enjoy a wonderful peaceful evening by the warm campfire. The second night was really calm, practically the wind subsided all night – only a few drops of water would fall on the roof of the tarp during the night.

Few days of excursions cut off everyday life nicely, and also give a nice sense of adventure. After this trip, it is nice to start planning a new trip again. Feel free to check out the video below!

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