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Tervas Outdoor curly birch kuksa

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Made from hardwood curly birch , genuine eco-friendly, Finnish Tervas Outdoor kuksa is a must-have for any hiker. The kuksa has been made for active use and well maintained it will last for years, be sure to read the kuksa user manual. After a good initial preparation, the kuksa is ready for use and lasts for several years with little maintenance. It is nice to drink hot drinks from Kuks, the drink stays hot for a long time and nobody burns hands or lips.
  • Tervas Outdoor kuksa is handmade in Finland
  • Volume about 1,5 dl, material hardwood curly birch
  • Long-lasting, ecological and timeless camping gear
  • Well primed kuksa requires nothing more than rinsing with clean water after use, do not use detergents for washing

Instructions for kuksa

Pyrography is a method of making patterns using a heated tool. Now you can decorate your own kuksa with unique handmade pyrography, a great gift idea for a hiker!


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