Enamel mug care & use


Enamel is a durable ceramic glazed coating that is very cold and hot resistant and completely non-toxic. Tervas Outdoor enamel mugs are made of 0.5 mm carbon steel with double enamelling. The enamel coating is handmade in the cups, so there may be color differences between individuals when applying the coating, which enhances the individuality and character of the products. Do not use the mug in the microwave oven.

  • Enamel is dishwasher safe. Over time, prints on the surface of the mug may fade depending on the wash cycle, but in principle the surface will withstand wear.
  • Certain beverages such as coffee and tea may stain the surface of the mug, but lemon juice or mild detergents will in most cases remove stains. Do not use abrasive coarse sponges or brushes for cleaning.
  • As with all ceramic products, a sharp hit can break pieces off the enamel surface, which often exposes the steel surface. Naturally unprotected steel begins to oxidize and the mug gets a pretty patinated look. However, the product is safe to use and the small bumps add to the edge and character of the mug.
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