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Instructions for using kuksa

With proper maintenance kuksa will last for years
Instructions for using kuksa:
Kuksa is cooked at the end of the production stage in salt water to remove stress from the wood. Before use, the excess salt should be soaked in almost boiling water. Soaking in hot water followed by drying allow the wood grain to open for priming.
Fill kuksa with almost boiling water. Let the hot water soak in kuksa for two minutes in and drain off the water. The majority of saltness in kuksa dissolves in hot water. Allow the kuksa to dry for at least two hours, preferably to the next day.
Brew strong filter coffee and take the warm moist coffee grounds out of the filter. Don’t drink coffee from kuksa at this point! Rub warm and moist coffee grounds firmly with your thumb, pressing the coffee grounds on the walls of the kuksa until the coffee grounds are dry. This procedure takes about 3-5 minutes. This gives you a water repellent fat film and leaves the taste of the wood under the fat film.
Drink coffee every day, don’t wash it. Durability and hygiene are based on the initial absorption of coffee fat into the wood, and after a month of daily use, the surface of the kuksa is ready to withstand adventures and hikes for years, and only clean water is sufficient for cleaning.
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