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Traditional Finnish birchwood Kuksa
With or without personalized text

Kuksa is a type of drinking cup traditionally crafted by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia from carved birchwood. Kuksa is ecological product and well maintained it can last for many years and different adventures in the wild. Well treated kuksa is hygienic product and can be cleaned with pure water.

Tervas Outdoor original Finnish birchwood kuksa´s are handmade in Finland by the talented artisans.

Kuksa pyrography 1


Pyrography is a method of making patterns using a heated tool. Now you can decorate your own original Finnish kuksa with unique handmade pyrography, a great gift idea for a hiker!

Pyrography is not available to affordable rubber wood and oak kuksa

kuksa nimellä
Kuksa pyrography 2

This is how our artist makes a text personalized with a pyrography in the place desired by the client on the kuksa, each kuksa being made with uncompromising professionalism and precision. Pictured under construction is a shot kuksa for Jesse.

We are known for fast delivery and good quality work!

Kuksa pyrography 3

Take good care of the kuksa

You can choose genuine  handmade birch kuksa Made In Finland or a mone inexpensive version made of hardwood, you can order personalized text for all  kuksa models.

Please note that genuine Finish made birch kuksa have been pre-treated in brine, which requires measures before first use, you can read how to use genuine birch kuksa in the link below.

The Artist

Kuksa pyrography 4

In addition to hiking and photography, Jesse is also a talented artist and all handicrafts are naturalized with professionalism.

“I’ve always been skilled at my hands and all artistic making has been to my liking, from fine art to making various crafts,” says Jesse.

In recent years, pyrography and engraving have been close to the heart and several different jobs have been done with the woodburnibg tool and engraver in recent years. Now Tervas Outdoor’s customers have also been able to enjoy Jesse’s handprint in the form of carved knives and kuksa´s with pyrography.

kuksa nimellä

Add Gift Box For Kuksa

 Named Kuksa is a great gift idea! You can choose a gift package on the product page of the online store, we pack the kuksa in a cardboard package, wood chip is added to the package and the package is wrapped with a hemp rope. The string can be opened if you want to admire the Kuksa before handing over the gift or if you want to add a greeting card inside the package.

The gift box is without logos and markings, you can add the desired greeting text to the package or add a nice greeting card to the package.


Kuksa pyrography 5

check our kuksa collection

You can choose personalized text to decorate the kuksa in our shop

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