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Kupilka 205 Spork combo

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Durable and ecological Finish made Kupilka cutlery are great travel companions. Ecological Kupilka dishes can withstand both boiling water and -30 ° C frost. Dishes can be washed by hand in nature or in the dishwasher when you return home. The products are made from biomaterial with EKOenergy and patinate beautifully without losing their quality. The freshness of a Kupilka product can be tested for the smell of wood – the stronger the smell, the newer the product! In order to keep Kupilka at your disposal for as long as possible, we do not recommend placing the product on a microwave, stove or open fire. At the end of the life cycle, the product can be recycled, incinerated for thermal energy or returned to the manufacturer for reuse.

KUPILKA Spork is a camping equipment for a gram filers, Spork has a combined spoon and fork for a convenient cutlery.

length 205 mm
weight 14 g


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