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Tervas Outdoor verkkokauppa on toistaiseksi pois käytöstä

Tervas Outdoor aluminium camping pot 0,8 l

SKU 11000-500-800 Kategory

Lightweight aluminum camping pot for day trips or longer hikes. Coffee, tea or other hot drinks are easily enjoyed by two people in this pot. Made of anodized aluminum, the coating is easy to keep clean. This camping pot is more for the gram-filers, but keep in mind that at campfire you should avoid conversations with titanium pot owners. Because you will definitely lose, at least with the purchase price.

Volume 0.8 liters

Weight: 138 grams

Hot Drink Tip:

You make tasty mulled wine (glogg) in the forest by first boiling the water to almost boiling point and adding the amount of your favorite mulled wine to the Tervas Outdoor enamel mug. Pour hot water on it, do not mix the mulled wine in the camping pan, it is more difficult to keep the pan clean and the mulled wine boils and may taste bitter. Season mulled wine with almond shavings, raisins and Koskenkorva.



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