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Tervas Outdoor whittle knife with horn bone top 9.5 cm blade

Tuotekoodi 23VS 9,5 Kategoria Brändi

Tervas Outdoor whittle knife with birch handle and horn bone top, blade 9.5 cm carbon steel. Carbon steel is easy to keep sharp and sharpening is successful even on a hike. A very practical universal knife. Made in Finland, high-quality domestic handicrafts from Kolari by Wood Jewel.

The handle is made of durable birch, the handcrafted birch handle is a unique individual creation. The finish brings out the grains for the wood in style. The handle is finished with a reindeer horn, the bone completes the elegant looks.

The sheath is a unique hand made creation, material is durable leather that provides good protection for the knife. The sheaths are made individually and thus ensure the best possible fit in the sheath.

It is possible to add an engraving to the product


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